Lisa immersed herself into our company and took the time to meet, interview, and shadow employees of different departments to create a customized and focused training program for all levels of our management team. Utilizing the different types of training that we reviewed, particularly the DiSC assessment, provided our managers the necessary tools to better communicate, which improved our overall teamwork and culture. Our management team stepped away with the necessary tools to continue to improve on their relationships and communication. The leadership training provided to us by Lisa has helped us continue to invest, develop, and grow our leaders, and we are excited to continue to get to work with the Leader’s Imago team in the future.

Ryan Stier

CEO, Stier Supply Company

[I] entered class irritated and annoyed at the prospect of having to go to leadership training. Your approach, knowledge and enthusiasm has completely changed my mindset. Your professionalism and knowledge leaves me eager to find out what all I can learn from you. It was extremely helpful. Thank you.

Tony N.

Team Leader, Trex Company

Leader’s Imago did an outstanding job working with our board to develop our strategic plan. Lisa did her homework to become very familiar with the organization prior to the meeting to ensure our time was well spent and productive. She kept the board members engaged and the conversation moving in a productive way. We are thrilled with the results from our meeting, especially with how energized the board and staff are about our meeting. I highly recommend Leader’s Imago.

Henry Well

Executive Director, South Carolina Cancer Alliance

I have participated in a number of professional leadership trainings over the last 10 years, and this is hands down the most useful and engaging one I’ve attended. In my experience, leadership trainings consist heavily of presentation material created for a captive audience with a few group activities (that are often neither engaging nor useful) peppered in. That was certainly not the case with Imago. Not only was the training packed with engaging AND useful material and activities, but the entire experience felt tailored to each individual, and at the end of the training, everyone had specific actionable items to improve their leadership performance. Lisa also followed back up to check in on how my actionable items were progressing, which kept everything top of mind and did not allow for the course to simply fall by the wayside. If anyone is looking to grow leadership skills among their associates in a meaningful way, I cannot recommend this training enough.

Lindsey Olson

Digital Marketing Specialist, Trex Company

I have high standards that I live up to. I am hard on myself. TMDC was a huge eye-opener for me. It solidified and showed me my skills. The TMDC showed me my worth. It revitalized me, revived me, and inspired me.

Troy S.

Quality Control Manager, Jackson, New Jersey

Leader’s Imago created a customized and comprehensive leadership development program for our company. It met our needs and exceeded our expectations. It is interactive without being overly technical, which in today’s talent development world, is quite challenging. Thank you, Lisa, for your hard work and dedication!
Cindy Spigner

Corporate Training Manager, General Information Services

[Our Team Building Workshop] was incredible! I am in awe of how you used our responses to an inventory to open the group to self-discovery and to awareness of others’ traits which promote and hinder unity and harmony. Thank you for your leadership and for your skill in welcoming conversation! This was a great day, and I am optimistic that positive changes will occur. Calling you to set this opportunity up was the smartest thing I have done this year!
Carole Fearrington

Principle, Midlands Middle College, Columbia, SC

I personally feel that there is no better training opportunity out there than what the TMDC provides. That experience, coupled with the behavioral assessment and the action items that result from the course, made for an extremely positive experience. The course has really given me much more cognitive awareness and has awakened my ability to self-assess in a constructive and useful way.
Bryan C.

Electrical Supervisor and Automation Engineer, Three Forks, Montana

I have been to several leadership training programs during my career and by far [the TMDC] is the best one that I have attended. It dealt with real-life situations that happen in the workforce every day and it addressed appropriate ways to deal with them. The coaching sessions were spot on. There was real feedback that can and will improve the way we deal with day to day situations. Thank you, Lisa, for what you do. You certainly have what it takes to be a great Leader.
P. Carey

Shift Facilitator, KapStone Paper and Packaging

TMDC was surely rigorous and stressful, but well worth it. What I appreciate most is the inflection you created for me to test myself and see the results through other’s eyes.
Darrell W.

Maintenance Manager, Irmo, South Carolina

I learned a lot in a short amount of time and am already putting some of the delegation skills to use. I really wish the class would have been longer and I strongly recommend this to all leaders. The TMDC is the best real-life class for supervisors.
Tony M.

Maintenance Supervisor, Pembine, Wisconsin

The TMDC offers participants a unique opportunity to actually view themselves in action – to see themselves as they really are in a simulated workplace setting.
Terri Mauk

Plant Manager, Corning Inc.

I had the opportunity to participate in the program in 2010 and it was by far the best format to receive calibrated feedback of what my strengths are, my development opportunities and highlighted some blind spots too. The format provides feedback quickly to then allow for time to work on improvements. The change in my awareness of what I do and how it can impact others was well worth the investment!
Sarah Mayle

HR, Westinghouse Electric Company

I have employed the services of the TMDC for seven years to align the skills of supervision and the results have been nothing but stellar…When one has your supervision aligned and consistent in a way that the TMDC captures, it allows upper management to focus on the longer-term success of the business and not be caught up in the daily minutia.
Deon Vandenberg

Plant Manager, Lafarge

The candid, real-time feedback at the TMDC helped me pinpoint the sources of inefficiencies I faced in a typical workday. The coaches worked closely with me to create solutions tailored to my unique circumstances, and the simulation-based training provided a perfect opportunity to practice my new skills before implementing them at work the very next day! The TMDC is a thorough and impactful program that would benefit anyone interested in professional self-improvement.
Kim H.

Corporate Council, Rock Hill, SC

The TMDC simplifies what some in the training and development arena make complicated. The no-nonsense approach used in the TMDC facilitates the quick return needed in today’s economy.
Senior Manager with 2,000+ employees

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