Since 1990, organizations around the world have used the Team Manager Development Center (TMDC) to provide their employees with individualized, comprehensive developmental coaching in twelve critical leadership competencies. That includes MANY of you who are reading this article! I’m delighted to mark this very special milestone, 30 Years of TMDC! Read ahead to learn what makes the TMDC such a valuable experience for so many.

For those of you who have attended the TMDC, I’m sure you remember the unique learning environment where you experienced two days in the life of a team manager in a simulated and fictitious (but REALISTIC!) organization. (“It felt like I was at work,” said most of you by the end.) You were challenged as a leader. You were affirmed as a leader. And you returned home from the TMDC with some new and practical approaches, specifically designed for you and your style, to more effectively lead your team. Congratulations! You are an official TMDC Alumni!

For those of you who’ve not yet attended (or know of someone in your organization who would benefit from the experience), this is not your run-of-the-mill leadership training. As a current or potential manager, you will experience three stimulating days of learning and development in team leadership. The small setting of the TMDC is well designed for your individual growth. A highly trained coach will work with you, providing you with comprehensive developmental coaching to help you hone your skills as a leader. Contact me for more information:

Throughout 2020, I will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the TMDC in some exciting ways – bringing back some familiar faces, sharing special interviews with folks who have been integral to the life of the TMDC, running some special promotions for TMDC programs throughout the year, and highlighting the progress and success of TMDC Alumni!

I am so proud that Leader’s Imago gets to carry on the legacy of the Team Manager Development Center. I look forward to this year of celebration! Happy 30th Anniversary, TMDC!